Stress Management

Stress ManagementThis program is designed to teach a cognitive approach to stress management.

Stress-related disorders are becoming the norm. Surviving workplace change in a deepening climate of uncertainty is affecting all of us. Skills and insights are needed to maintain a stable inner world when it can often appear that the outside world is out of control. This program teaches how to stay vital while surviving the stresses of everyday life. You will learn how to increase your energy and create the opportunity to thrive on the challenges facing us in a busy world.

Participants learn skills and tools for dealing with the demands and pressures of change and transitions in their personal and professional lives. Exercises, skills, insights and strategies for monitoring personal progress and growth include some or all of the following topics.

Course Objectives

  • To illustrate that different people perceive and manage situations differently.
  • To gain insights and strategies for increasing our stress-management effectiveness.

Course Outline

I The Triangle of Stress

  1. What is stress?
  2. Understanding the causes of stress and how we react to it.

II The Problem-Solving Triangle - Side One

  1. Understanding the values and beliefs that are expressed through the Mental Principle.
  2. Learning how to become objective.
  3. Becoming aware of our interpretations and learning to clarify a problem situation.

III The Problem-Solving Triangle - Side Two

  1. Working with the Social Principle to understand how we react to stress.
  2. Developing strategies for dealing with others.

IV The Problem-Solving Triangle - Side Three

  1. Gaining awareness of the physical symptoms of stress.
  2. Taking action to manage stress more effectively.

Through a series of assessments, behavioural patterns are identified and coping skills are taught for assisting people in effectively dealing with the demands and pressures of change and transition. Relaxation training and other natural healing modalities are demonstrated, practiced, and supported through a "self-management/ monitoring-for-success" approach.

Maintaining balance and vitality is required to cope with the demands and pressures of our modern life. Staying vital while surviving can lead to increased energy and thriving on the challenges facing each of us in a busy world. This program teaches how.

Depending on the depth of content covered, this workshop can be delivered in a two-hour introductory format; a series of two-hour sessions covering a series of workshops over a number of months; or a one-, or two-day format.


People from all levels of the organization wanting to maximize their work place effectiveness through stress management strategies.

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