Here are some endorsements from recent clients:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have take a number of training and development programs and services with Danielle Gault. My participation in her seminars have enabled me to strengthen my interpersonal and communication skills and be as effective as possible in dealing with both internal-corporate and external-corporate key relationships.

I have been able to leverage insights obtained in Danielle's various seminars particularly those dealing with, e.g., interpersonal communication skills, personal productivity and time, and resolution conflict related topics, etc. Quite thought provoking was The Well Tempered Life seminar which provided great insights from a behavioural point of view when dealing with various personality types in both ones personal and professional life.

Given the very positive results I have experienced, I would highly recommend Danielle Gault as a key resource to aid in enhancing personal effectiveness.

Toni Aquilino, B.Comm, MBA
National Sales Management
Fortune 500 Company (CPG)

Letter of recommendation for Supervisory Training for Management Wellness Training Services

Having recently hired the services of Danielle Gault to help assist some of our employees in understanding basic supervisory duties, I am very pleased to indicate that there has been a very positive attitude and approach to the job function.

The training provided was very good and there was a lot of experience and knowledge that was shared with these new trainees. The training involved a great deal of interaction, case studies and role play drawing on examples of real on-the-job situations to train these employees.

The trainees were very happy with the information that was provided to them.

I would recommend using this service in the future and I thank Danielle for her time spent preparing these individuals before the in-class training and the after class follow-up on how they were faring and utilizing their training.

Joel Dantas
Manufacturing Manager
Plasti-Fab Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:

In my experience as a participant in a number of workshops and trainings with Danielle Gault, I would have to say that she is a highly seasoned and skilled educator and following is a summary of my experience after taking a number of courses with Danielle.

Danielle is a highly qualified educational professional. This was obvious to me on the first day of my first course I took from her a couple of years ago on Supervisory Skills. Danielle quickly put everyone in the class at ease. Her genuine interest and solid experience confirmed that I was in the right place. She brings a world of knowledge to all her courses. Her background in psychology along with her corporate experience is well established and thoroughly executed in a manner in which all styles of learners can benefit.

Danielle's knowledge using the Myers Briggs Personality Type Theory (MBTI), in my opinion, is a course on its own and highly comprehended by Danielle. All who participated in the application of the methodology of this course greatly benefited from applying the application of the principles as outlined in the course. I truly found Danielle's courses an exceptional learning experience and having worked as a Project Manager in the corporate world for many years, I value these skills in all projects in which I manage. Danielle's explanation and hands-on experience of the project phases of a team — which included the forming, storming, norming and final performing stage — is a 'must' skill for all supervisors and managers and especially project managers. This, for me, was a 'light bulb' moment. Truly all leaders should be aware of these stages to successful manage a team and or a project.

These courses were very influential and have tremendously impacted the way I manage my relationships both personally and professionally.

I highly recommend and will continue to recommend Danielle Gault as a professional corporate educator.


Jane Chan
Project Manager