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The push/pull of the race against time

In to-day's fast-moving workplace, once you fall behind it can feel like you'll never catch up. We live in a cyberhuman society where the requirement for speed, productivity and efficiency can trigger a race against time...

"How can we take control of our lives so that we can enjoy it?" is the question many are asking as they struggle to walk their professional tightrope....

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Tension of opposites drives workplace conflict

...Frank was a rather loud, extroverted person who talked to Lisa about her work in vague terms, using abstract words and big picture generalizations. He constantly tried to see how many ways there were to fit various pieces of the whole together. His natural inclination was to persuade someone to do something through his compelling explanations. Lisa would leave meetings with Frank wondering how she should proceed.

By her nature and job function, Lisa wanted a step-by-step pattern for getting the job done, and struggled to figure out how to schedule and meet deadlines. Her approach not only left Frank feeling boxed in but forced him into a debating mode of pros and cons....

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Good leaders have 'air' about them

Inclusion style applies insight, innovation, willingness to learn to drive results.

What makes a great leader? That's a tough question to answer. Not everyone is equipped to be a good leader and not all good leaders use the same style. The best leaders have insight, imagination, a willingness to learn on the job and enough flexibility to make course corrections. There are four leadership styles that mesh nicely with the four elements — earth, water, fire and air....

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Coaching Your Employees to Higher Performance

You are preparing for your employee and looking over your notes on their performance and as before, your employee has failed to make changes -- even after you spoke with them about the importance of meeting their goals. This employee has a great attitude and you know they can do better...

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Why We Need Assertiveness Training

How we assert ourselves with others often makes the difference in how far we progress in our careers. Do we stand up for our thoughts, back down, attack, compromise or ignore issues when they are difficult to confront? Assertive people get ahead in their careers because they face difficult issues, solve problems before they fester, create trust so that others are willing to take risks, are innovative and contribute their best...

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Article on Customer Relations

Good customer service is about creating positive relations in the exchange between what the company has to offer and what the customer's needs are. If the company's product or service satisfies the customer's needs for a fair price, both parties are satisfied with the exchange...

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Teamwork, Leadership Powerand Tools for Success

Most new team leaders say that they need to develop more leadership skills and to increase their ideas and techniques for improving their interaction with others. When they step into a team leadership role, they gain a certain degree of power simply from the authority granted them in their newly assigned position. They have to make decisions and they have to get work done through others...

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Stress Management

Stress-related disorders are becoming the norm. Surviving workplace change in a deepening climate of uncertainty is affecting all of us. Skills and insights are needed to maintain a stable inner world when it can often appear that the outside world is out of control. This program teaches how to stay vital while surviving the stresses of everyday life...

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